Test Fixtures


Programming Test Socket Shield for RFduino SMT/SMD

Model RFDpogo

This socket is made for testing, programming, or solderless breadboard applications. It makes it easy to use the RFD22301 RFduino SMT / SMD module on a solderless breadboard. This socket is pinned out to fit standard RFduino shields. Plug it into a RFduino USB shield for easy programming. The JTAG SWD pins are brought out as well.
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Musical Instrument Accessories


Musical Instrument Automatic Selector Switch, AS-3

The AS-3 is an automatic ABC switch. It allows the musician to play three different instruments without having to manually select which is going to the amp or pedal bar. There is no need to remember which instrument is connected to which stomp switch. Just pick up and play one of the three instruments and the AS-3 will automatically detect and switch to that instrument virtually instantly.
AS-3 Front View Details
AS-3 Rear View
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Home Theater and Audio Video Accessories


olSONICS Dual Banana Plugs with 1" Spacing

olSONICS dual banana plugs fit the speaker terminals
on many modern Home Theater Receivers and Amplifiers:
Marantz, Denon, Pioneer, Audio Source, AVR, HK, Onkyo, Yamaha

one inch dual banana plug