Musical Instrument Automatic Selector Switch

Model AS-3

The AS-3 is an automatic ABC switch which lets the musician pick up and play one of three instruments connected to his single amp or pedal bar. There is no need to remember which instrument is connected to which stomp switch. Just pick up and play one of the three instruments and the AS-3 will automatically detect and switch to that instrument instantly.

AS3 automatic ABC selector switch in green case
Fully Assembled in Green Extruded Case. Custom built in USA

$145.00 + USPS Priority Shipping to USA Only

Not Available
AS3 automatic ABC selector bare printed circuit board
Click image for closeup
AS-3 Circuit Board - DIY, easy to assemble through hole design.

AS3-PCB $15.00 + Free Shipping to USA Only
populated printed circuit board
Fully Assembled Circuit Board - Board assembled in USA. You supply jacks, wiring, case and hardware to meet your own requirements.

$99.00 + Priority USPS Shipping to USA Only