Programming Test Socket for RFdigital SMT / SMD

Model RFDpogo

The RFDpogo socket is primarily for testing and programming the RFD22301 RFduino SMT / SMD modules from RF Digital (RFduino). For prototyping it easily plugs into standard solderless breadboards. This socket is pinned out to fit standard RFduino shields. Plugging it into a standard RFduino USB shield makes for easy programming. For advanced users the JTAG SWD pins are available as well.

This socket can also be used for prototyping and testing the RFD21733 RFDP8 SMT / SMD modules from RF Digital.

RFDpogo Test Socket Fixture for RFduino RFD22301
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A RFD22301 or RFD21733 SMT / SMD module is placed into the well allowing gold-plated spring loaded pogo pins to make contact to the bottom of the SMT / SMD module. The lever clamp retains the module.
RFDpogo Device Under Test RFduino RFD22301