OlsonICS Dual Banana Plugs with 1" Spacing

It is relatively easy for single banana plugs to short out and possibly damage the amplifier when the wires become entangled or inadvertently pulled on while operating at high output.

single banana plugs polarity short
polarity short
single banana plugs channel short
channel short

With OlsonICS dual banana plugs the speaker red(+) and black(-) terminals can not be shorted. As exemplified in these pictures it is also difficult to short the adjacent channels.

dual banana plugs avoid short
no short

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OlsonICS dual banana plugs are the only dual banana plugs that fit the speaker terminals on many modern Home Theater Receivers and Amplifiers from Denon, Pioneer, Marantz, Audio Source, AVR, HK, Onkyo, Yamaha, and others.